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David Patterson Quotes

8 David Patterson quotes:

"Her severe brain injury has caused a lack of verbal communication along with visual and perceptual impairments, ... But she still seems determined to get back to where she was."
"The perception among high school students and their parents is that the game is over, that all computing jobs are going overseas. It's an extraordinarily widely held misperception."
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"Most of the positions being outsourced are at the bottom of the totem pole, such as call-center jobs, but those jobs, in turn, lend themselves to automation, which means that the people doing them could themselves be replaced."
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"It's gonna be a difficult task a difficult road to go down, but once we start getting the parents involved and they see the benefits of how it's affecting their kids in a positive way, then it's gonna be more beneficial to them."
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"My father died of chronic pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure. I'd like to avoid those things."
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"It?s about hard work, toughness, sticking it out, picking each other up."
"I want the parents to come."
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"We're trying to sustain the broad vision, high-risk and high-reward research model."
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