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"Underlying demand in the U.S. economy remains solid, irrespective of the stock market. We are looking at growth in domestic spending that will probably exceed what we had in the fourth quarter."
"There is no question that the economy is slowing, but it's not exactly shrinking, either, ... We are seeing the first tentative signs of slowing, but you have to remember that we are starting at a very high base of growth. The Fed will still err on the side of caution and restraint."
"There's little doubt out there that Greenspan will move this time around and try to put the brakes on growth a bit. The question is whether this is a one-time deal or a continuation of a series of moves meant to really keep the economy in line."
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"The question for the Fed is what inflation will look like in 12 to 18 months. The U.S. economy is still growing fast enough to use up slack that's out there in the economy, and that could present an inflation threat down the road."
"Consumers may be wobbly, owing to high energy prices, a vulnerable housing sector and increasingly uncertain medical and pension benefits, but there is nothing like the whiff of solid job growth to keep them on their feet."
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"Despite the fact that energy prices are creeping up and housing continues to crumble, surveys suggest job gains are providing an offset for confidence. The potential is there for consumer spending to remain resilient."
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"The construction sector continues to be a contributor to Canadian economic growth, which should make the Bank of Canada feel a bit more comfortable about any forthcoming rate hikes."
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"The dollar-yen relationship is still the forefront issue in most people's minds. There's a fear for both stocks and bonds that if the depreciation continues there will be less appeal for U.S. dollar-denominated assets."
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"Exports should find further support from the pickup in global economic growth."
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"That's certainly going to be the critical number. A number indicating employment growth, particularly increases in wages, could prompt the Fed to move by the end of this month."
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"Mortgage equity withdrawal (which keys off prices and rates) is going to ebb substantially and pull consumer spending growth down along with it. When it does, the Fed will pause."
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"Claims are pointing to firm, if not firming, conditions in the labor market. Corporate profits are just huge and businesses are in a position to expand."
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"Over the past several weeks we've moved from pricing in one further move by the Fed to odds favoring two moves."
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"There wasn't all that much of a surprise there. Clearly the risk is still there for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates."
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"Is there a risk the Fed has tightened too much? Not with the kind of momentum we're seeing in the economy and not with consumer confidence at record highs. People are wealthier, real incomes are growing, the housing market, while slower, is still super strong and the labor market is still super tight. I don't think the Fed is finished just yet."
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