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76 Bryant McGill quotes:

"The ability to forgive is one of man's greatest achievements."
"In America, educators punish those who actually think for themselves. There is only acceptance for popular opinion."
"Fanatic is often the name given to people of action by people who are lazy."
"Ambition is not what a man would do, but what a man does, for ambition without action is fantasy."
"Change will never happen when people lack the ability and courage to see themselves for who they are."
"Unfortunately, your reputation often rests not on your ability to do what you say, but rather on your ability to do what people expect."
"Never expect a loan to a friend to be paid back if you want to keep that friend."
"The realities of the world seldom measure up to the sublime designs of human imagination."
"Sometimes power is all a person has, so they will protect it even unto their own destruction, for without power they have nothing."
"True freedom is where an individual's thoughts and actions are in alignment with that which is true, correct, and of honor - no matter the personal price."
"One of the most important things one can do in life is to brutally question every single thing you are taught."
"Most people do not actually know how to think for themselves, and unfortunately that prevents them from even knowing it."
"Suffering is one of life's great teachers."
"Good manners are appreciated as much as bad manners are abhorred."
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"Courtesy is a silver lining around the dark clouds of civilization; it is the best part of refinement and in many ways, an art of heroic beauty in the vast gallery of man's cruelty and baseness."
"The common person fears to think beyond the common."
"Comfort in expressing your emotions will allow you to share the best of yourself with others, but not being able to control your emotions will reveal your worst."
"The greatest joys are found not only in what we do and feel, but also in what we hope for."
"If we fear the unknown then surely we fear ourselves."
"One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say."

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