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"Sometimes you get a lot of European guys who go over to Canada and play in prep schools there. Toronto has been good for long time, and people are discovering it little bit more. Montreal's not as good, but there are some very good teams."
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"Normally, I call a timeout in that situation. I am taking responsibility for that. I saw a transition and Sterling going, and that is his strength. It looked like he was going to be able to get to the hole, but it just did not happen. I should have called a timeout."
"I should have called a timeout. I'm upset with myself. I take full responsibility. I have to make that call."
"I think the lack of success hurts in a lot of ways. Somehow, you have to win and see if that can help (the program) ? I don't know if 'snowball' (is the right word) ? but incrementally get better."
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