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Bruce Cockburn Quotes

10 Bruce Cockburn quotes:

"I think if I really put my mind to it I probably did think I would be, but under what conditions, ... I expect to be doing this until I drop or become incapacitated. I don't make any more defined plans than that."
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"The trouble with normal is it always gets worse."
"All I ever thought was, 'I'm going to do this as long as I can, and if I can't get paid at it, I'll be a bum doing it.' And so, here I am."
"I'd always loved poetry and I'd always loved writing music and composing music, but I hadn't thought of putting the two together until around that time."
"I wear my shadows where they're harder to see, but they follow me everywhere. I guess that should tell me I'm travelling toward light."
"I did a lot of writing for a lot of different kinds of bands that I was in and out of during those five years and that left me with a little body of songs that I liked better when I played alone, so I ended up going out solo and very soon made my first album."
"I wanted to play rock and roll when I started playing. Nobody at that time ever thought about songwriting. You sang songs, that's all. You sang other people's songs. That's all there were."
"The second half of the '60s really was a kind of learning period, in terms of writing, for me."
"There was a lot more music than the size of the place would indicate."
"We had close to 30 pieces to choose from and it was more a desire to make an album that made a cohesive whole, ... Most of the time when we put on records it's because we want that mood whatever it is. So, if you have an album that is widely varied in mood it might get played less than one that fits somebody's particular mood... at least that's how my choices usually work."
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