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"I think there's not enough made about the chemistry of a team and the ability of everybody to pull on the same end of the rope and worry about what matters, and that's wins."
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"I think people underestimate the ability of both these teams to score runs and the resiliency of both of us. You're going to have your good pitching outings and your big hitting outings. (Sunday) night, we came out on top — but both teams are definitely capable of scoring runs."
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"That second ball was pretty impressive. He can hit them, no doubt about it."
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"It got everybody's energy up."
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"I think it builds confidence to know you can came back in situations like this. Next time we find ourselves in that situation, we know we can do it. We definitely have a group of guys who like being around each other. And I think something like this makes us even closer."
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"That's my Mercedes. It's my baby."
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"It's never good to lose, but every team goes through rough stretches. This game is momentum and you can see it over the course of a game. It carries onto day-to-day stuff, too. We're scuffling right now and pieces aren't fitting right together. It's part of the game, but we have to move on."
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"You have to string together hits. You can end up with 16 hits in a game, but if you get two per inning you might not score a run. It?s about stringing them together."
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"Jimmy just seems to have a way of not putting extra pressure on himself. He's having fun, and that's a great way to approach the streak."
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"It's much more difficult getting a Gold Glove the first time than it is getting more than one."
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"After playing 14 innings, when my head finally hits that pillow, I don't think I'm going to have any trouble sleeping tonight."
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"It's obviously an odd feeling being here and not being in uniform with the rest of the team. I spent a lot of years here. It's definitely an odd situation, but I'm definitely glad to be here to see the guys and share this experience with them."
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"I'll wear it with pride, all the time."
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"I guess you could use the words 'Steady Eddie.' He doesn't get too high or low. He's got a real calm demeanor to him. Pressure or no pressure, he gets the job done."
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"We know the dates. But nobody here was alive in 1959. And most of our parents weren't even born in 1917. That's for the media and the fans to talk about. We have to focus on what we need to do, and you can tell by the way we're playing that we're doing that."
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