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"I was pleased with our execution. Guys went out there and carried out their assignments the way they're supposed to."
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"We have to win football games. I don't think Carson has to do anything different. The rest of us have to keep playing and coaching better. We just let him do his job. I think it's up to the rest of us."
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"It's an exciting week for the city. For our football team, I'll keep them calm and let's just get ready to play the football game. But I think for everybody else it's going to be an exciting week."
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"Our team needed to win games, ... As I said a zillion times, we could not afford to lose football games and having somebody to blame. All that would've done is give people an excuse to say, 'They're losing because of the quarterback position.'"
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"I sensed a different guy on the practice field last week, a guy playing faster."
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"He did a fine job last night, probably his best game that I remember where he didn't have eight to 10 catches because he hustled his tail off, he blocked. So as I watched that tape this morning, I was proud of Chad Johnson for how he played."
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"We had an opportunity to make some things happen that we didn't get done early in the game. Some things that you can't do in a football game. Eventually, the game gets away from you."
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"I think it's the role of the offensive coordinator, the special teams coordinator and the defensive coordinator to coach the coaches as hard as he coaches the players. As hard as I push on them, they've got to push everybody else just as hard. I think that's important that they understand in and out that they set up, they push and make sure that the position coaches cover every detail or they cover it so that every detail gets covered."
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"We're excited to have this deal concluded. We're excited to get started with David, for his and our future."
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"In a lot of their games this year they've got right down the field early and scored,"
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"We don't need to spout off. Let's play football."
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"We hung in there toe to toe, but we have to make plays to win. We're a good football team. In order to prove that, we have to go beat the other good football teams."
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"You can't purposely go out and hurt somebody. I've never seen that happen in the NFL. So I don't think there needs to be any resentment."
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"I said sacrifice something you normally do and spend that time on Pittsburgh."
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"He's understanding what his role and responsibility is. I think he's confident in those guys wherever the ball goes because they make plays. It's not like we have to go to one guy; I think he's confident in all of the guys."
"It's up to him to tell me he's ready to practice seven days in a row, if that's what (the threshold) is. That's what was disappointing about last year: His stress fracture wouldn't allow him to work every day. And I said that I don't want to put pressure on the coaches. If he's in, he's in. He understands that."
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"Our focus has been geared toward beginning our season better than we did the last two seasons. We get an opportunity here to write that script as we go week in and week out."
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"We didn't play very well in the beginning of the game and were playing up hill."
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"You're a combination of all those things, but you learn that you have to set the direction, and I learned a lot of that from Bill. You always have to adjust, but you always have to have a starting point, as far as a direction, a game plan. It all ties together."
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"I think what he's been able to do is have a good plan for the team and set a direction -- set it on Wednesday and reinforce it throughout the week. Then, as the game unfolds, things that come up don't put them in a panic. They are able to stay the course."
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