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Larry Campbell Quotes

7 Larry Campbell quotes:

"I felt we had control in Game 1 but let it slip away,"
Author: Campbell Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"This will be a centre for one-stop shopping, something I hope will be repeated across the city to replace our ageing community centres, ... It will help us get more and more people out of their cars and onto buses or walking."
Author: Campbell Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"It's a victory that extends way beyond the borders of the Bitterroot Forest. It ensures the public will have meaningful input on Forest Service projects across the country."
Author: Campbell Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in December, so this became very personal to me, ... From this, I learned something I really should have known before: Survivors are special people."
Author: Campbell Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"You get that first one in, you get a little confidence and then you can go back and serve a little tougher. That's what she did. She's a physical kid up front, but big middles aren't supposed to go back to the back line and hurt you like that and she did it multiple times."
"Some people can put up with the pressure of being locked up in a maximum-security environment with a large number of prisoners, and some can't, ... You really don't know until you put them in that situation. I think his size will be a great help to him."
"I don't (foresee) any problems, ... If there were, those problems are handled immediately."
Author: Campbell Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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