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"Stress is not a desirable state and it may lead to the development of other disease, particularly cardiovascular disease,"
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"The mechanisms behind the observed lower risk of breast cancer among stressed women remain unknown,"
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"Even though we find a lower risk of breast cancer among stressed women, let me just emphasize that stress cannot be considered a healthy response,"
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"It would be an obvious next step in this line of research to address the validity of this hypothesis in humans, and it is something we are currently working at. It would also be very interesting to see if these findings can be replicated in other studies,"
Author: Nielsen Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"So far the literature has focused on verifiable external stressors with less emphasis on how they are experienced by the individual, ... The same external stressor may result in different levels of stress in different people. A measure of self-reported stress therefore provides a better measure of the actual level of stress experienced by the individual."
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