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"The print material that are being distributed at parties and social events have been extensively tested for the appeal of the adolescent market, including the Jamaican cartoons and parenting crossword puzzles and word games,"
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"People have still not fully gotten the message that the most important things that they can do to avoid cancer are to avoid tobacco smoking and maintain a healthy body weight and physical activity."
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"The factors that contribute to cancer and the factors that help to prevent cancer and detect it early don't change overnight. This reflects that we have a great deal of knowledge about certain major causes of cancer and major preventative actions that people can take and these still need to take hold."
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"We do have fairly high rates of screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer. I think that is having a very positive impact on mortality rates for those diseases."
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"While we have so much information about changes that would be necessary to decrease the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, it's not clear how to change society and change policy to help those changes take place. It's disturbing that we have so much information now but we haven't really achieved the social will to make the kinds of changes that would need to be made to really impact tobacco smoking and the trends of increasing overweight and obesity."
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"Another excellent year, illustrating the hard work, commitment and motivation of our students, together with excellent teaching and guidance from staff and strong parental staff."
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"People don't make these choices in a vacuum. We need to make environmental and community changes to encourage people to make healthier choices."
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"I like the idea of people knowing where their food comes from. It's nice to not be so dependent on large-scale grocery chains."
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"It's really the result of cumulative public health efforts to educate the public about the dangers of tobacco and also due to the imposition of excise taxes and state tobacco-control programs."
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"One of the big factors that may account for this finding is access to high-quality medical care. Often communities that have high poverty rates either lack access to good quality care, or people have to travel longer distances to obtain high-quality care."
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"Even though it's declining currently, we would still like to see a great deal of progress in coming decades, because it certainly is declining less than heart disease."
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"I am so happy because it is just exhausting being a single mother who is married. So I couldn't wait for him to come home, and after a couple days of sleep, he's going to have to start doing his honey-do list like changing the light bulbs that I couldn't reach, walking the dogs, helping out with the baby and all those wonderful things husbands should do."
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