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6 Allan Smith quotes:

"He's a 21-year-old kid who's loaded with motivation and enthusiasm and we wanted to give him the opportunity to excel in this industry."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"Our arsenic research activities began more than 12 years ago with a risk assessment focusing mainly on cancer. This work revealed the cancer risks from inorganic arsenic in drinking water to be potentially very high."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"Designing for sustainability requires a dedication to evaluating a product's long-term effects and lowering the environmental impact at every stage of a product's life--from materials extraction to end-of-use."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Dedication Quotes
"What we're doing today is part of our unique history,"
Author: Smith Quotes Category: History Quotes
"We're doing gonzo, but we're doing it with the same quality of our features – with great lighting, great camera angles and great looking girls."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"We are pleased to add the management of the Clarington Canadian Balanced Fund to our growing list of institutional mandates."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Management Quotes

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