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Tom Rosenstiel Quotes

9 Tom Rosenstiel quotes:

"each one synthesizing and adding to what others are learning. If only one or two news organizations do it, it won't have the same effect."
"What he's saying may be good press criticism but I'm not sure it's good law."
"He looked like the king of muscle beach and he was a surfer. But he had vision. He believed that for a city to be great, it had to have a great newspaper."
Author: Rosenstiel Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"It's the illusion of more information, but it's actually a lot of repetition."
"It's the illusion of more information."
"Maybe part of their brilliance is they're not as guilt-ridden about it."
Author: Rosenstiel Quotes Category: Guilt Quotes
"We know from various studies that women do not consume news in the same numbers as men. These numbers suggest that one reason may be that women don't see themselves in the news as much as men. The numbers suggest that the news does not fully reflect the breadth that women now play in American culture."
Author: Rosenstiel Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"It's not unheard of to wait for a news peg. It's not unusual to discover the existence of something and not know the context of it until later."
"When a president is popular, there's a tendency to describe events describing his popularity. When the numbers are falling, you use that as a lens to explain why his popularity is diminishing."
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