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John Larson Quotes

6 John Larson quotes:

"Our priority will always be customer-focused innovation that provides real value for our students and ultimately increases value for our shareholders. By understanding our diverse group of students and their needs, we can successfully target our strategies and ensure that we maximize our investment in innovation and service."
Author: Larson Quotes Category: Innovation Quotes
"Creating a GXP performance edition of the Solstice is a natural extension of the capabilities of this car. On its own, the base Solstice offers all of the qualities one would expect from a classic roadster — style, crisp handling, and spirited performance. The Solstice GXP takes that pure roadster DNA and pushes it to a new level, with a 47 percent boost in horsepower and other enhancements for a more thrilling driving experience."
Author: Larson Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Melissa did a good job, and Ashley threw strikes. 'Both showed a lot of control. If you have good pitching, it will probably be a tight game."
Author: Larson Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"There are vast areas of our community that are below the radar. And the problem is that we never think it's going to be us."
Author: Larson Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"I'll be glad to be a part of that. I have a lot of experience in counseling."
Author: Larson Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"In the long run, it doesn't cost much, but it's coming up with the money initially in a system that's already strained, ... The urgency should be self-evident. ... Hopefully, it doesn't take another tragedy."
Author: Larson Quotes Category: Money Quotes

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