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"All your games are pretty much at the same time and there are not enough breaks. Everybody is scheduled at the same time. [The college coaches] don't get a chance to see everybody."
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"It's a pattern not uncommon in disaster areas. These people come in and acquire local companies, making the most of the reputations of those companies."
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"The company had virtually shut down operations in Jackson by that time. They were no longer sending payroll and wouldn't pay Harold. We discovered that they were treating Harold as a self-employed person, although he was working for them from 8 a.m. to sometimes midnight. They didn't take federal taxes or Social Security taxes out of his check or pay their share of Social Security tax for him. And he was not covered under workers compensation. We don't think that was right."
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"Harold feels the company needed to set up an escrow reserve with a local roofing company to cover the normal percentage of defective roof warranties they issued while they were in Jackson."
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