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"People are saying she's gotta win, ... But rookies don't win at this level."
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"As difficult as we struggle to put a lot of cars on the race track, the ones that we do have are first-rate, high-quality teams and our product works well for a very entertaining race as well as a reliable and safe race."
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"We would like to renew that as well for a multi-year commitment and keep going back there. We've met with all of our promoters and talked dates and length of terms with them and they are very excited about it as well. We look forward to it being a mainstay of their schedule for a long time to come."
"(People) need to have respect for the race team due to the circumstances."
"I'm confident that we will be back in this market in 2007. We want to keep an open mind and an open dialogue and do what we can to get back in this market in 2007. -- there are hurdles to overcome."
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"The primary reasons for the compacted schedule are momentum and consistency. Scheduling our races on a consistent basis in a compacted time frame will give us momentum from the drop of the green flag in Miami into the month of May, right through the heart of our season and into the championship point battle."
"The economy plays into that and the cost of racing plays into that, and we are doing everything we can to control spiraling costs."
"There have been an enormous number of people given an opportunity that if the IRL did not exist would never have had that shot, ... If you stop to think about what we've been able to accomplish, it's incredibly rare in today's society that an individual has been able to create something that he believes in and has challenged the establishment, and which in a period of time has not only survived but has become the establishment."
"We have revised our testing policy from earlier in the off-season based on the commitment from Honda to serve as the league's single-engine supplier. This testing format brings more efficiency to the teams, Honda and the league as we ready ourselves for the 2006 season, the league's first featuring its compacted schedule."
"Based on that alone I feel a whole lot better about our ability to get at least 33 (cars) in the month of May, better than I've felt the past two or three years."
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"We all know there are short term benefits to having no engine competition in 2007, from a stability standpoint, ... We think Robert realized that, as well and has been open minded about it. We are contacting all engine manufacturers to solicit their participation, in part because it is Honda's preference to have competition."
"The primary reasons for the compacted schedule are momentum and consistency."
"If there is no competition in 2007, there are some short term benefits to that as well,"
"It's something we're going to take a look at, even for some of the events the remainder of this year, looking at the calendar, working with the promoters and the teams. It's a lot easier to do at the three-day shows. Two-day shows, it's more difficult to give them enough track time to work on it. But the three-day shows we'll definitely put an eyeball on them and see what we can do."
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"We have seen an incredibly balanced level of racing the past few years in the IndyCar Series and look forward to even more of that in 2006. Extending our current chassis program with Dallara and Panoz provides our teams maximum value for their investment."
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