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"Some of the country's power plants and industrial users have the ability to switch fuels, and others are scaling back their usage altogether, ... It's encouraging to see that people have scaled back on their usage. That means we should be in pretty good shape going into the winter."
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"A majority of our members have voted to reject the tentative agreement,"
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"We accept their decision and will resume the struggle for an agreement that better addresses their concerns."
"Reaching an agreement has been a long and complex process, but I am convinced the outcome will help enshrine the future success of Telus and our team. We now have a significant opportunity to move forward with an agreement that recognizes our team members' tremendous contributions and provides Telus with the flexibility needed to continue our leadership position in a highly competitive market."
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"We are pleased that we have been able to reach a negotiated tentative agreement that we feel is good for our members,"
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"We are anxious to see a resolution to this dispute.That's why we are trying to get the company back to the bargaining table. Ultimately, there has to be a resolution and people have to get back to work. The sooner that happens, the better."
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"it's about workers' right to job security and a decent standard of living, versus Telus's unrestricted corporate greed."
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"The long-term forecasts suggest we will have a hotter-than usual rest of summer and fall, with a continued strong hurricane season,"
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"We have six or seven major hot spots in the world, any one of which has potential to shut off an amount of oil greater than the world's spare capacity. This is a problem that if it continues and escalates, we're going to see a real significant increase in prices."
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