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Matt Hasselbeck Quotes

73 Matt Hasselbeck quotes:

"I don't think he faded under pressure. I had complete confidence in him."
"So there is no competitive advantage there."
"I know in college there were certain places we weren't allowed to live or go after dark. It was kind of silly. That is not going to solve problems."
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"They fooled me (with their defense)."
"I think the biggest thing was how well our defense was playing and how our crowd was into (the game)."
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"I know where Mike's coming from. He really wanted me to focus on what I could control. But the simple fact is those guys are very different, and I haven't played with them."
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"It is good to know that he is heading in the right direction, and we can focus on what we need to focus on."
"No longer can we give the excuse he's got a thankless job."
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"It's a humbling experience to get to be the quarterback of this team who gets to play in the Super Bowl, with an opportunity to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Seattle."
"I don't want to stand behind the photographer. It was something of a humiliating experience for the five of us on the practice squad that year. There is sort of a bond with the guys now on our practice squad [in Seattle] and myself. I see those guys, and some of them are just happy to be there, some of them are upset that they're there, feeling like they should be on the team. They are on the team. They are a part of the team."
"I'm really proud of the way our team played this year. Sundays are very, very fun."
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"Talking to the friends that I have on the Packer team, they admire the way that he handled this season, with a lot of bad breaks and a lot of tough situations. (Sherman) really kept it together. I think you judge somebody by how they handle adversity rather than how they handle success."
"I enjoy it and I love it. I'll watch the AFC games and I'll watch the NFC games. Sometimes it's fun to be a fan, too."
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"We have been in the newspaper for playing football and not other stuff. That wasn't always the case last year."
"He's been a little hands-on in running the team. He's smart to let the football people he's hired run the team."
"Shoot, I kind of think we are still in shock, really."
"My dad has been a huge influence on my life. He's been injured, drafted into the NFL. He's started, been benched, cut and traded. I've watched how he's gone through those good times and bad times."
"I've never been a part of a game like this. We set out trying to get a couple of goals accomplished. I think we took care of, statistically, some things we were trying to take care of. Probably more important, we were just trying to stay healthy also."
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"When I first got here, people talked about the 12th Man at Husky Stadium, and I didn't believe it. When we moved into Qwest Field, it's been different, especially the last three years. I've played in a lot of stadiums, and this is the loudest. Dome or no dome, our fans, for whatever reason, know how to get loud."
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"I got fooled by my receiver [Darrell Jackson]. You can't make the mistakes we made and expect to win."

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