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5 Brian Frisselle quotes:

"I came up the hill on the restart, and all I could see was smoke and cars spinning into the wall, so I just squeezed as far left as fast as I could, and fortunately I missed the whole thing. It was just like Days of Thunder!"
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"This team is really like a family. This is my third year with the team and a lot of them have become like family to me."
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"It's huge having my family's support. I don't think I would have been able to do this without them. To be able to fall back on their support when you can't really support yourself and you feel down, it's really big."
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"I think we are both still learning off of each other so much. It's nice to have a teammate that's your brother. In racing, you always kind of have to watch your teammate closely and strive to be better than him. But when it's your brother, it's not like that. We're still competitive with each other, but we're not trying to beat each other-we're trying to make each other better."
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"Our dad's passion for racing was passed on to both of us. And we are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue in his footsteps and pursue our dreams with him by our side."

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