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"Hip-hop influences everything and everybody. It's not just music. It's...a culture. Guys like the clean look now ever since Jay-Z said, 'and I don't wear jerseys no mo I'm 30 plus, give me a fresh pair of jeans and a button up'. Before that, Jay-Z had everyone wearing jerseys. Jerseys were the thing. But now it's different."
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"It looks like somebody took a machine gun, shot out all the windows and put holes in the cars. All of our 110 cars sustained some kind of damage."
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"After conducting extensive market research, we found that Mr. Jim's customers were passionate and loyal, but Mr. Jim's did not have a consistent brand image. Working with the team at Mr. Jim's, we developed a new branding campaign to tell their unique story."
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"We learned a lot more from how we played tonight, than what happened last night (a 12-2 win over Washington). Good teams like West quickly exposed some of the things we need to work on."
"Kanye West took Sean Carter's grown man look to a different level. I remember when white dudes were the only ones who wore blazers and jeans. Now you gotta look like that to even go to the club,"
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