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10 Robert Schumann quotes:

"To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist."
"Talent works, genius creates."
"People compose for many reasons: to become immortal; because the pianoforte happens to be open; because they want to become a millionaire; because of the praise of friends; because they have looked into a pair of beautiful eyes; for no reason whatsoever."
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"It is the curse of talent that, although it labors with greater steadiness and perseverance than genius, it does not reach its goal, while genius already on the summit of the ideal, gazes laughingly about."
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"If we were all determined to play the first violin we should never have an ensemble. Therefore, respect every musician in his proper place."
"Nothing right can be accomplished in art without enthusiasm."
"It is music's lofty mission to shed light on the depths of the human heart"
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"For me, music is always the language which permits one to converse with the Beyond"
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"In order to compose, all you need to do is remember a tune that nobody else has thought of."
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"He must be heard - and also seen; for if he played behind the scenes a great deal of the poetry of his playing would be lost"
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