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Kevin Norrish Quotes

16 Kevin Norrish quotes:

"The morbidity of non-OPEC supply is… [a factor that is] fuelling the rise in prices. Russian output growth has decelerated...with the year on year growth in output for July a sharp downshift from the...growth rate achieved in July 2004. The IEA sees Russian supply rebounding strongly in the rest of the year and into 2006. [Their] forecast is for Russian output to grow by 390,000 bpd in 2006, a very good recovery from the growth seen in the most recent monthly Russian output data. In all, the IEA view seems somewhat optimistic..."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The 6.0-dollar rise in prices over the past three weeks seems to have been enough to rule out the possibility of an output cut this week."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"My impression is that the price action is more to do with the data flow."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Under the wrong circumstances, you could easily see $80 being broken or even higher than that. Any major loss of production is going to give us another major push up."
"Car sales have been strong, the economy is still growing strongly and it seems to me very unlikely that in that environment you would get two consecutive years where oil demand doesn't really grow."
"The ability of the Nigerian government to guarantee security within the Niger Delta appears to be limited at this point in time."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"The strikes may further constrain Europe's already limited ability to export product across the Atlantic."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"To use it to manipulate prices would be like a central bank trying to manage a run on a currency - it wouldn't work because it only has so much ammunition."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"Ultimately, a battle for market influence between geopolitical factors and the flow of U.S. data is likely to be settled in favor of the former."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"Gasoline inventories fell sharply thanks to falling imports, declining domestic output and strong growth in demand so far in April."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"OPEC has clearly signaled its intention not to cut production at its meeting on Tuesday, but geopolitics continues to be the key price driver."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"There has been poor performance so far this year in the North Sea. The United States certainly is not coming back as quickly as people thought it would and Russia has been very, very poor, partly due to the cold weather."
"Nigeria remains the main immediate source of risk with further insurgent activity against facilities considered highly likely in coming weeks."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Nigeria remains the key short-term issue for us. In particular, the continuing erosion of the control of central government over the Niger Delta."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"The U.S. is facing a major gasoline crisis and is starting from a nearly empty tank."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"This is a significant escalation over and above previous events. It's very, very serious indeed."
Author: Norrish Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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