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"Frankly, I hope it does. They've run it all year long. It's been a matter of time before things were revealed."
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"It seems the young Jedi has done well. He learns quick - he's putting all his knowledge from his own team and what I've given him to work with."
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"We're not going to the banking that [Charlotte and Atlanta] have, but what they're doing is creating a safety aspect. This track is very wide ... and the cars have too much time to turn around while they're spinning and hit driver's side first. That's when people get hurt."
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"It's mind games, and he's already starting too early."
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"was just rolling through the night worried about which tire was going to blow out — the right front or right rear."
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"It's just the same old deal, you go race your car,"
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"The coolest thing is when you come to a race ... when you come and see it live and you're there and you get the sound and you get the feel and then the smell,"
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"There's a 26-race regular season where you can bring the intensity of the final 10 into every week, and that will burn you out pretty quick,"
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"[(AP) - In 2001, when Kyle Busch was 16 and a high school junior, older brother Kurt sounded a warning to NASCAR competitors.] You think I'm a pretty good race car driver? Wait until you see my brother, ... He's the best driver in the family."
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"Last year we saw (Tony) Stewart have trouble as well as (Jeremy) Mayfield and they never seemed to rebound after that, ... It's just the pace. In a lot of ways it's like a golf tournament. If you start off and you're four- or five-under and the other guys are waffling around with a bogey and a par, they're not gonna catch you. It's up to the leader to make those mistakes and we did have a big mistake at Atlanta with the motor blowing up. That took away our solid advantage, so when you have a bad race early on it's just that much more difficult to overcome later on."
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"One thing that really helped me decide that I needed to go was their program of consolidating all the cars. I used to have a plate where they built my cars. One guy was the leader, they had a couple of 'grunts' around him and they built the car. That guy had spent 10 years of his life working up the stepladder to become a plate leader. Now, they have him putting right-front fenders on all five cars. The personality and identity is gone. I think that's a mistake as far as operating a business. We'll see how that turns out for them."
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"It was like the ghost of racing past. I knew it was going to come down to that. ... I can't believe I lost, but Mark is the guy to beat when you're racing IROC."
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"(A race you win) is one less race for things to go wrong, ... You can look at it from many different directions, and for us, we wanted to capitalize on the first eight races and after Atlanta we were forced into making sure we didn't have anything go wrong after that. We wanted to attack for as many races as we could, and then you have to play it cool, because you can only go for so long."
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"Now we have to go and attack each race for a win. We have to go to Dover and expect to win and try and build our points back up."
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"If you're running in the top-five during the race, usually you're single file, not three-wide pack, that's something you try to position yourself for. If you're stuck in the middle there's not much you can do. You don't want to get caught up in a wreck, so you have to decide if you want to go forward or if you want to hang out in the back and wait for a pit stop to jumble up the field. Qualifying is important, but, if you qualify up front, you can get shuffled to the back if you get into the wrong draft. We'll see how it shakes up. We have a good car. It's the car we ran seventh here earlier this year so I'm excited to bring it back."
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"If you think I'm good, wait until you see my little brother, ... He's an even better race car driver than I am."
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