Bob Ryan Quotes

3 Bob Ryan quotes:

"You gotta admit, they are beautiful-looking dogs, (but) they are certainly, certainly a handful."
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"HOV lanes and public transportation is social engineering. You know it is. They want to get people out of their cars, ... Maybe that's a necessity in King County, but it's not a necessity in Pacific County."
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"... A-Rod made his choice. He took the money. He could have taken $18 million or $20 million, but he gleefully accepted an average annual salary of $25.2 million, and now he wishes to God he were making a lot less money because now he is miserable in Texas. He wants to come to Boston, and he still might. But the truth is that he'd already be house-hunting in Greater Boston if he hadn't already made a bad decision to go for every last buck three years ago."
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