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"Mexico City is a lopsided advantage for the Mexican team. With the altitude, it makes it a completely different game. But we know that when we play them anywhere else, we can beat them. We proved that tonight."
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"There's everything here for players and families to both experience the culture of Germany as well feel comfortable that this is a city that is similar to cities in the United States. And it's a perfect match: great restaurants, lots of entertainment, lot of things to do, a great hotel, great training facilities. Everything we want is here."
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"The Gold Cup is the biggest headache on the schedule. We want to be respectful of the confederation championship and put our best team out there and try to win it. However, our focus has to be on World Cup qualifying. Those 10 games are the most important."
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"He just fell short. Anyone can have a good argument that Taylor belonged. There's no justice in a situation like that."
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"Some were hunches, others were potential, others, we have until June 12 and think we can turn this player around."
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"Tim continues to be a very talented goalkeeper that we think, given time and the right opportunity, is going to continue to improve and be a terrific goalkeeper at the international level. One day he will be the No. 1 goalkeeper for the U.S."
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"He's an extremely graceful athlete. He's a player with an excellent first touch and great vision. He has very good attacking qualities. But we've seen him in what I would call an amateur level."
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"It's likely that we have two teams from Europe. I'm not going to worry about it one way or the other."
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"For the first time ever, we are going to demand players have the discipline and commitment to actually maintain fitness. We have seen a wide range of attitudes and actual physical conditions with MLS players in the past, and if that is the case next time around they're not going to be eligible to make the World Cup roster."
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"They're in a position we were in, you want to get it done sooner than later. This is a game where their sights are clearly to win, as it was for Guatemala the last time we were in Guatemala. It will be interesting to see."
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"We view this camp and the games in January and February as critical towards our preparation for Germany."
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"Over the next month or so we'll really see the value the Gold Cup had for us. Because of injuries and suspensions, a few guys had to play a bit more than we anticipated, and that can only make our squad deeper in the long run."
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"Why? Because it's January and you can't worry about it. I don't think we had a bad performance, but I didn't think anybody stepped up and had a big performance."
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"A dominant team in sports is exciting, and it gives everybody something to shoot for. This year maybe there's a chance somebody could do that [in MLS]."
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"I think you can't overreact from one game, the Norway game, and ignore the Canada game. You judge players over time, not over a game. As he continues to move forward we'll have a better feel for the direction he's headed. Obviously, he's getting better. From my perspective, I need to see if he's developing into a guy who should be a player on the World Cup roster and can help us win a game."
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"His stock has risen considerably, and given the circumstances in our entire pool, Kerry is going to be in there right until the end when we're looking to finalize our roster."
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"The results in Guatemala (0-0) and Costa Rica (3-0 defeat) were not as critical to me. This one is. We want to end the year on a high note."
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"He's shown steady improvement throughout the camp."
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"There's a strong likelihood he'll be at camp. He has shown a lot of progress and we need to take a look at him."
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"This is an opportunity for some fresh faces, and we're going to see what they are about at the international level. This game is important because it can eliminate some players from consideration, and it can improve the situation of others."
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