Peter Sullivan Quotes

5 Peter Sullivan quotes:

"I like to pick up the energy. I like it. I like being the spark."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The issue with this one is that it is a size that is material to the company,"
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"The government, when it settles a case, ordinarily seeks jail times for officers and directors and high executives who are implicated in the conspiracy. I know that it is something that the government tries to get and will try to get it in this case, no doubt."
"This amendment sends an important message that there is no place for hatred and violence in America"
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"it does start to bring into question the whole sovereign risk of Tanzania if that's the way they are going to administer their tax act."
Author: Sullivan Quotes Category: Risk Quotes

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