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"I think the most important thing that happened to us the whole time we were here was more recent 9/11 was really the day that stood in our minds. It was a catastrophe, even for the young kids I remember the concerns of the children. I think it kind of reflected how the parents felt. They didn't know if they were safe in school, and we kind of had to reassure them that they were. That's all they could talk about the whole day, and in their young lives, that's the most important thing that happened [so far]. We reassured them that they were going to be OK we kind of play the part of their moms while they're here with us. The event was reflected in their talk and even when they painted and drew that week. They drew tall buildings."
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"I'm thinking back on all the years we were here and all the fun things we did. The school has improved, and we had remodeling back in February of 2001. Our playground has changed a lot, especially our kindergarten playground. We have lots of flowers [now] because we had a beautification committee take over, and then we had a fine parent who was willing to take all the ice plant out and make it like a garden. It's truly a garden. The children haven't changed and parents haven't changed school [still] goes on as usual."
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"I remember in the late '60s and early '70s [we] couldn't wear pants to school. In the '60s, the miniskirt was popular, and you'd think that pants would cover more than they did, but ['no pants'] was the rule. Gradually, things became more relaxed. We also had two lounges ù one for smokers and one for non-smokers. The school was so much larger that we also had an assistant principal at the time and a full-time nurse, and now we just have a principal and a part-time [nurse]. We [also] had no library at our school site. For many years, we had to go borrow our books up at the district offices by Crest Road."
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