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5 Steve Elkington quotes:

"Major-championship golf, you're just really concentrating on more or less the shot you're trying to hit, ... If you get too far ahead of that, you don't seem to do too well."
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"I've always had a good head for golf,"
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"I was very happy with the way I hit the putt. I'd like to see it on tape and see what it did, but it looked good from my angle."
"When I first saw the course 18 years ago, it was so intimidating. It was a new style of golf, a new concept. So it took some time for guys to learn to like it. It's a great venue, because it's the most precise golf we have to play all year. You have to hit fairways and greens there. There's none of this hit-four-out-of-14-fairways-and-still- shoot-68 on that golf course."
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"Our contingent is building strength. It's ridiculous to think that somebody won't win one soon."
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