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"I want guys who want to be head coaches. To be a good head coach you have to be a good assistant first. I want our guys looking at head coaching jobs and preparing to be head coaches because that makes them good assistant coaches."
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"We stressed getting off to a good start and being ready to go, but my advice didn't go very far."
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"It was perfect execution by two freshmen and a sophomore. Five guys did exactly what we wanted to do."
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"We had good execution throughout the game. We recognized some things of how they played and executed our plan."
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"It wasn't our prettiest game. It was tough, and we battled through. We had guys in foul trouble. Aaron and Carl played the whole game with their hands in their pockets. We played our usual rotation, playing a lot of guys, and it benefited us a lot. We'll continue to do that. It's the best thing for this group. So many guys made big plays."
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"A strength of this team is our depth. We've said from the start of the season that it's a good rotation we have."
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"We're 16-1. I wouldn't want to be complaining about that. No one would listen. We're getting better and improving every game. Even (against St. John's), we got much better in the second half."
"What he's doing best this year is keeping the ball up around the basket. He's running better. He's jumping better. He's chasing down shots a lot better than he ever had. But it's not like all of a sudden this summer he decided to work on these things. He's been constantly improving."
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"He's better in every area. Carl's comfortable in his position and understanding of our system. That's a big step. It's one thing to know it, but it's another thing to pass it on to others."
"We had a size advantage. We have to win the battle of the boards. That's what we base what we do on."
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"Not often do you lose a game when you shot over 70 percent in a half. It is tough to lose a game when you shoot that. I thought our offense was good and we made good decisions and (had) good looks. Its amazing how one little thing can change the outcome of the game."
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"He was somewhat light-headed and dizzy, but he battled through it. He wasn't running the floor like he usually is able to, but he still managed to grab 20 rebounds. That says a lot about him as a player."
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"We had to grow as the year went on, and we are not going to use youth as an excuse. We've got to get something out of this. We've got to learn from this."
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"What can you say to these guys? We grew a lot as the year went on, and youth is not an excuse. All that matters right now is how we respond to it."
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"What we were able to do more in the second half was contain their quickness and ability to get penetration. We just had to stay with our game plan."
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"It's probably tougher for my dad and my mom, who want to figure out a way to go to both games."
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"It's my desire to have assistants who aspire to be head coaches. I know that's been the goal for Barry and Joe, and that's why I'm so excited about their opportunities. Both have made invaluable contributions to our program. The University of Pittsburgh is very indebted to them."
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"We've been able to celebrate Big East championships and NCAA Tournament appearances while playing in the sold out Petersen Events Center. That success on the court has been mirrored by tremendous academic achievement. Pitt basketball has a very bright future and we are working to build on our recent success."
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"He flew in today, but he didn't practice with us."
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"He's grown an inch, and he's gradually put on weight. Strength is a big thing."
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