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Richard Grenell Quotes

6 Richard Grenell quotes:

"The American people have provided an incredible amount of money to support the AU force and an incredible amount of money for the humanitarian response, and the American people have also been very generous to peacekeeping operations and disasters around the world."
Author: Grenell Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"It's an attempt to stop the referral to the Security Council and have more talks. We've been talking for three years. At some point, the international community has to decide whether or not the IAEA resolutions and the U.N. Charter mean anything."
Author: Grenell Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"[The current human rights commission] is completely broken, ... It's the violators who are in control."
Author: Grenell Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We, the Security Council, have a lot of ideas, but nothing is set in stone until we see what's in the report,"
Author: Grenell Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"We have been giving our input and continue to do so. It is a thorough and exhaustive process that we will continue to work on until it's finished."
Author: Grenell Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"There is a unanimous feeling within the council that there must be greater cooperation from the Syrians."

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