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Mark DiCamillo Quotes

20 Mark DiCamillo quotes:

"So many voters are undecided that it's still a wide-open race."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"The last time we were this anxious about the future it preceded a few years of recession. The warning flag is out. . . . A couple years of this would lead to some economic consequences that would be easy to spot in the economy."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"So many seats in California are safe, and that's true nationally, too. So the opportunities for the out-of-power party to gain (seats in Congress) is really not that great. Most observers would say that only a few seats could change hands."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"Some folks think a real large proportion of players were using them, and there's widespread belief that Bonds was one of them."
"The barrage of negative ads seems to be influencing voters and helping to defeat Proposition 79,"
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"This is a group that supports very basic government services like education and health care, and they see him as someone who was talking about cutting them back."
"Changes in the economy are relatively slow to hit the man in the street."
"For Schwarzenegger himself, his ability to reach across the aisle has been taken away from him."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"She's a very divisive figure. In my opinion, most people either like her or hate her."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"The overall trend for Arnold Schwarzenegger is favorable, but there are a lot of people still in play."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: People Quotes
"The president, in our perspective, is in uncharted territory because he has a really long tenure left and yet he has very low job performance ratings in just his sixth year. Whether he is able to turn it around depends a lot on Iraq. But the events in Iraq seem largely out of his or U.S. control."
"I see real problems for the governor."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Absentee voters used to be a unique demographic group. Now they're more likely to look like the rest of the state with each passing election."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"There's a clear consensus that we should give (undocumented workers) a path to citizenship. There's bipartisan support."
"Different groups of people view this issue very differently. Voters tend to be older, whiter and middle class, while unregistered voters tend to be young and immigrant."
Author: DiCamillo Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Those are pretty rough numbers, the level of cynicism. He just has not communicated with voters in making his case."
"As the special election has dragged on, one of the side effects have been greater voter cynicism about the reasons the governor called the election, ... The governor has never been able to sell them on the idea and have questioned his motives."
"That's the most ominous finding. That could have a fairly significant effect on the state's economy if retail spending starts to be hit."
"It is a modest improvement. But it is moving in the right direction."
"There's not a lot of awareness of most of the down-ballot candidates. Generally speaking, the one who are better known are in the early lead."

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