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"Gillette has been off everyone's radar screen for a couple years. New management last year -- we saw (it) in the first-quarter numbers, finally seeing some benefit of that, ... Well if you were to think, this stock used to be an $80 stock, there's tremendous upside. Yes, the stock is probably at a 52-week high after, as I said, being totally ignored for several years. So I think what you're really seeing is the start of an uptrend."
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"As it starts getting into its next product cycle, that may be an opportunity,"
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"We think this market has separated a bit from the economic fundamentals. We've enjoyed a great goldilocks economy. This can't continue."
"There's no question that the strength we continue to see in the economy is driven by the consumer, ... Consumers are spending. We like the luxury end because in many ways it is more insulated."
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"We like Devon Energy and Louis Dreyfus, ... Both good companies benefiting from natural gas pricing and from supply and demand issues."
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"When there is some fear about accounting and growth and the economy, food stocks are a decent place to be, ... This company has been through a bit of a restructuring the last couple of years. Management is doing a great job. The company is improving and people are buying chocolate. So, what a great week to buy it."
"We're going to be looking for further evidence that it is a tight (labor) market, ... Or there has been some release on that pressure, but I think today's numbers tell us we had better expect the worst."
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"Railroads tend to do well as the economy starts picking up. Just think about it as, the more we all start buying and more businesses start having a better top line, they're going to ship more goods and the transport companies are a beneficiary of that, ... They've done well, pretty well, I should say, so far this year. A little bit of a pull-back, but I think they'll do even better as volumes pick up with the economy."
"They all will benefit from more kids in school,"
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"The unemployment data says things may not have turned around yet and the retail sales support this. The second-half recovery is clearly not here, so investors are looking ahead for something to compel them."
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"I think the first word of caution is; It's not the kind of market where you need to jump in immediately on these downs. We've trained investors so much over the past decade and a half: Buy the dip, buy the dip."
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"It's not good news. Both sides of it -- productivity not as strong as we hoped for and labor costs finally starting to show some of that pressure we all thought was out there. For so long, we would sort of breathe a sigh of relief, but this tells us there's a lot of wage pressure in that tight market."
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