Mark Hyman Quotes

4 Mark Hyman quotes:

"The problem with not being able to receive an over the air signal is that everyone who has a television set that uses an antenna, as opposed to using cable or satellite, may never see broadcast television,"
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Our body's natural detoxification system is designed to support our health by eliminating waste products from our metabolism and from environmental toxins. Like any other hardworking system, it needs periodic rest and support to continue functioning optimally. This program will teach you how to rest and restore your body's natural detoxification abilities."
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"In all fairness to the auction companies … most companies are not car experts, they are marketers. I caution buyers to make sure that they have done their homework before they raise their hand and not after."
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"It's like taking a leap of faith almost, leaving a decent job with decent benefits and doing something you really want to do, ... It's something I'm seriously considering."
Author: Hyman Quotes Category: Faith Quotes

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