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"Defensively, it was kind of frustrating. I have to compliment their quarterback. He did such a good job. What an excellent competitor."
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"I think you're always looking for guys, especially in the offensive line, that are just tough, hard-working, fighting guys. That's what you look for. It's not always the easiest thing to find."
"I know what will be written, but we're a work in progress, ... We're fighting that. We're going to keep pushing and making improvements each week, and if we do that, we have a chance to have a good team."
"We've got an opportunity with six more [games] to win nine. We're going to do our best to win as many as we can. I mean, we can all add, right?"
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"Now, it's more building their confidence. That's where we're at, ... We have to just do our job, do it as hard as we can do it and just play smarter. If we do that alone, we've got a chance to improve. Just not making mistakes and take care of the ball."
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"This is a guy who, when he's healthy, has been phenomenal. Once he regained the strength in his ankle this year, he was right back to running with power and making the same kind of cuts before he was injured. He really came on once he was over the injury and he has been sensational in every game since."
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"This shows the youth that we have and the way that we have grown throughout the year. We have a number of young guys who are capable of being really good, and I think they'll get better and better."
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"We came out of spring believing that they each had a scrimmage or two that they were good at and one or two that they made some mistakes at. Each of them did that and in our mind there was not a separation going into (Thursday's) practice. I feel it's unfortunate that so many of you in the media have ranked them and have put them in place so that players have to hear that the entire summer. It's really not fair."
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"obtained professional advice to ensure that we followed applicable laws."
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"On both sides of the ball I see strong discipline, very good schemes, and players that play in a physical way. They play hard. That's why they win so often."
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"What we were doing at the end of the game, we've never done before. The other side of it is, if we don't do it, for instance when we did take a knee against Texas Tech, does that then come back and haunt you? Is that the reason that maybe kept you out of something, and how do you live with that as well? Its really a rotten position to play in."
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"It kind of just typifies our whole year. We've been fighting all year. I'm proud of our guys for competing the way they did."
"He's still a few weeks away from what the book says, but strength-wise he appears to be solid. What's the magical day is hard to determine. I think the doctors will evaluate him on (today) and see if he can't start doing some work."
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"We have speed, – the ability to close, the ability to play in space. We get good pressure."
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"I just felt overall that there was a little more, maybe, consistency there to some degree, ... but it's still very close when you look at them overall."
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"Congratulations to Texas, they played an excellent football game. The team, coaches and players really executed well and made big plays. Our compliments go out to them. They are an excellent football team, which we knew coming in, and they showed it again today."
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"We had no intention of bringing Dusty back when he was let go a year ago. I figured he'd enter the NFL draft, and that would be it."
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"Once, he was a little mad that we only gave him one yard on a run. I said, 'Don't' worry about it. You'll get plenty of yards.' I guess that was a way to keep his pride a little bit while wearing blue."
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"We're one of those teams that gets criticized even when we win. In the end, though, I'm smart enough to recognize all that we overcame down here in this atmosphere and still came away with a victory."
"I have total confidence in Chuck, and I think his track record speaks for him. The proof is in what they've done."
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