Don Brownlee Quotes

5 Don Brownlee quotes:

"The capsule's return is probably the simplest of all the things Stardust has done and has the least risk. Nonetheless, it has to work."
Author: Brownlee Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"We were jumping up and down ? we were totally overwhelmed by the ability to see this so quickly and so straightforwardly. We were the first people in the history of the planet to see comet dust in hand."
Author: Brownlee Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Remarkably enough, we have found fire and ice. We have found samples in the coldest part of the solar system."
Author: Brownlee Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"This is a history project. We are going to the edge of the solar system, collecting the original building blocks of the planets and bringing them back to our labs."
Author: Brownlee Quotes Category: History Quotes
"Our history is written at the submicron level, in these interstellar grains."
Author: Brownlee Quotes Category: History Quotes

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