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Joe Barton Quotes

10 Joe Barton quotes:

"Initially, we took the administration policy and put it in the bill just to clarify and give certainty to the industry on what they could and couldn't do, ... But I have agreed to do hearings in committee, and go through the regular process, and bring it to the floor later this year as a stand-alone bill or as a part of another piece of legislation."
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Certainty Quotes
"The DTV legislation brings needed certainty to allow consumers, broadcasters, cable and satellite operators, manufacturers, retailers, and government to prepare for the end of the transition."
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Certainty Quotes
"It sure looks to me like you got in control of the guild, got all your cronies on the board, you did everything you can to keep the guild members in the dark about the lack of an insurance policy about on-track injuries until it was obvious you had to say something. ... If I were a dues-paying member of the guild, I'd want new management,"
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We need a fresh new approach that will encourage Internet providers to expand and improve broadband networks, spur growth in the technology sector and develop cutting-edge services for consumers,"
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"I'd like to see Exxon Mobil take some of their $10 billion and announce some refinery expansion,"
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"We can be responsible ... or we can throw caution to the wind and basically have the U.S. Treasury spend over $10 (billion) to $12 billion if everybody took advantage of the program."
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"If there is a silver lining in this tragic situation, it may be that our country understands how fragile our energy sector is. ... We can't just get our oil and gas from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Gulf of Mexico. We need to diversify our domestic oil resources."
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"He's (Bryan) been one of the leaders. He's been ahead of the curve on a consistent basis."
"If I were a dues-paying member of the Jockeys' Guild, ... I'd want some new management."
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The president's package is a good package. We're going to work on a bipartisan basis."
Author: Barton Quotes Category: Work Quotes

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