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6 Andy Fisher quotes:

"That's the question all the parents would like to know. It's quite challenging. We're trying to find alternative placement for them for the rest of the year - what their options might be next year."
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"Many changes can be expected to be made to the legislation during the Senate floor debate. Sen. Lugar hopes the Senate will consider a consensus bill that updates immigration policy in a comprehensive way."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"My understanding is that USAID will continue with an administrator, as it does now."
"Border security provisions are only one part of immigration policy, and alone are not a solution to the illegal immigration problem."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Our understanding is that it is not yet in place."
"We have to take care of the cost issue, ... For some businesses, it's just cheaper to throw the food away than get it to food banks."
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