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Ben Hatfield Quotes

8 Ben Hatfield quotes:

"A thorough investigation of the cause and circumstances of this terrible accident will be undertaken by federal and state mine regulatory officials."
"The impact of the carbon monoxide is the greatest danger."
Author: Hatfield Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"The true heroes of this effort are the mine rescue teams who risk their own lives to save those of their fellow coal miners. At the darkest hour of this rescue effort, we prayed for 13 miracles. Despite our grief and despair at the loss of our 12 co-workers, we want to celebrate the one miracle that was delivered."
"Let's put this in perspective. Who do I tell not to celebrate? I didn't know if there were 12 or 1 (who were alive)."
"I don't think anyone had a clue how much damage was about to be created. And we truly regret that."
Author: Hatfield Quotes Category: Regret Quotes
"The foremost concern throughout this process has been that there are so many things we don't know about what went wrong. We don't want to put any more people at risk until we know answers."
Author: Hatfield Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"In the jubilation of the moment, the rules didn't hold."
Author: Hatfield Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"Rightly or wrongly, we made what we believed to be the best decisions ... while working under extreme stress and physical exhaustion."
Author: Hatfield Quotes Category: Decisions Quotes

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