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"Executives at these companies are often isolated from the horrors of what the farm animals have to endure. The resolutions will raise the issue because they are printed in the companies' proxy statements and mailed to the shareholders. This way, our campaign moves into an actual agenda, and companies will have to address it and argue their case."
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"KFC has the ability to stop this cruelty today, simply by implementing the changes recommended by its own advisors, ... While KFC drags its feet, chickens continue to suffer unnecessarily."
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"Animals on factory farms and slaughter houses are mutilated, drugged and abused in ways that would be illegal if dogs or cats were treated similarly. The problem is that farm animals are exempted from the Animal Welfare Act. Therefore, companies often act with impunity."
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"It's not a health food. It's not something anybody needs to eat. These animals are pulled out of the environment, transported, denied sustenance, kept frustrated with their claws locked, and boiled alive. These animals are put through felony-level cruelty, just to give some diner a moment of gastronomic pleasure."
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