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"Well, as long as they're able to keep the pricing environment, ... If they can keep a moderate pricing environment in this competitive landscape that they're in, they can get that stock probably back up to 55, maybe even up to 60."
"The fundamental picture is still strong. No one has said technology is dead."
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"What you're seeing is these old leaders, which don't have much more downside, come back in favor."
"Excellent acquisitions, ... Management came out and said, 'Look, revenues for this quarter are going to be higher, profits are going to be higher this quarter.' The fundamentals are very strong. To us, they look great. So I think the stock is poised to do well."
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"The problems are really isolated to the consumer end of the PC market in Europe, and that's being reflected in Dell and Gateway, ... We downgraded Intel this morning, but the stock's fall has factored in most of the revenue shortfall."
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