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"Clearly the governor got the message of the special election. The question is whether the words translate into action in Sacramento and move the state in the direction the governor says he would like to go and the public says they would like to go."
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"This is a real test for the governor. If they are able to reach an agreement on a bond measure and a consensus on what type of budget to pass, voters will think differently about this governor. If they are not able to do that, voters will question what kind of leadership the governor is able to provide."
"The governor has a history of finishing strong,"
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"None of the propositions favored by the governor's administration are inspiring much passion or enthusiasm among voters. With little connecting them to this election, support for the entire enterprise is low."
"I think I'm most surprised at the degree to which people are pessimistic about education and the extent to which they lack confidence and trust in state government in general. This is one of the reasons -- at the state level at least -- that people are reluctant to raise their own taxes."
"The public's frustration with the state of education is palpable. They see lots of rhetoric but little progress."
"The reasons for the special election and the reasons for the specific proposals the governor is endorsing are not something that are energizing the public right now or generating a lot of support."
"As long as the governor has education in the mix, the public will be supportive."
"He was able to do it two years ago in the recall election, and that's what he's trying to do again."
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"The public is frustrated and disappointed with what they see as a lack of progress in improving the quality of education. Because the issue is so important to them, (voters) want to see officials at all levels engaged, even if they're not directly involved (in education)."
"None of the propositions favored by the governor's administration are inspiring much passion,"
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"The March primary was an experiment that didn't work. Nationally, it didn't really put California in the driver's seat for the presidential election and at the state level, campaigns didn't really have time to get off the ground."
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"People are very concerned about the direction of the economy, rising gasoline prices and the ability of the government to respond to the terrible things that are happening around us, such as natural disasters. They're looking to this special election and they really can't draw a connection between what concerns them the most and what seems to be the purpose and the emphasis of the special election."
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