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Rob Blake Quotes

10 Rob Blake quotes:

"We knew they were going to give it their best. They have a lot of character and a lot of veterans over there. We weren't up to the task. They are right back in this series."
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"Definitely. We're going to be fighting down the stretch and we have that western swing with . . . the teams we are battling with. You want be in a position for those three games coming up to be real big."
"I think the last 25, 30 games, we've been battling to find our way into the playoffs, and once we succeeded, I think the emotion was tough to bring. But now we move on against Dallas, and I think you'll see we won't have trouble bringing emotion."
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"It wasn't about the Stanley Cup the year before, it was all about the gold medal. That's been the talk the last three years, and now this year. When you go home in the summers, the gold medal is remembered more. The difference now is defending the gold medal."
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"This team in the past hasn't taken advantage of some of the leads we've had in a series. So we have to force the issue, not sit and wait and see what's going to happen. (The Stars) are a veteran team with guys who have won Cups and their best game is going to be (tonight)."
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"(The Red Wings) are the one team in the league that challenges you with puck possession. We didn't match them today in intensity."
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"It's always the same. Yeah, we got the first gold medal in 50 years or something like that. But the pressure to win and the expectations to win will always be there."
Author: Blake Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"We just have to hope we're in striking distance near the end (of the season)."
Author: Blake Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"It's a different feel for that game than any other game on your schedule. It has in the past, and always will."
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"You never want to give a team life. We know how good they can be."
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