Richard Jaffe Quotes

5 Richard Jaffe quotes:

"When you do that, The Gap declares victory. The Web site has just succeeded in getting you into the store."
Author: Jaffe Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"Gap's financial control and expense discipline have been excellent, as seen in recent results, providing some comfort to the lenders, ... What is clear is that the problem and its solution lies with Gap's product offerings."
Author: Jaffe Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"They focused the store too sharply on fashion, let go on the basics, and their fashion didn't work. By selling low-rise jeans and mechanics jeans to hip 24-year-olds, you're alienating me and worse yet, you weren't able to catch that hip 24-year-old."
Author: Jaffe Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"He's someone who not only has a good vision on a variety of issues, but more important, he's somebody who executes."
Author: Jaffe Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"The Gap has two challenges,"
Author: Jaffe Quotes Category: Challenges Quotes

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