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13 Liev Schreiber quotes:

"Style, no matter how outrageous it is, is still an expression of someone's personality. And my personality is somewhere stuck in the classics."
"My model of casting comes from Eastern Europe and part of the ideology there is that culture and place are essential,"
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"We talked about our grandfathers and their senses of humor and our sense of culture and history, and we had a lot in common,"
Author: Schreiber Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"If this wasn't as important to me and my family, I wouldn't have done it, ... I'm done, but today I went to check the mix. You're never really done."
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"I want to forget what I've learned about the character, but the reality is that you can't, because you've absorbed it. It's there in that moment when you need it. The hard part is to trust it."
"I really liked the idea of delivering an American character who defied some of the cultural cliches we have been exporting to the rest of the world. A character who was awkward, vulnerable, young, innocent, neurotic, somewhat alien,"
"It was really overwhelming to see the way that people responded - the kind of class and grace, and compassion and support, and resourcefulness that people showed. It was almost like rather than knocking us down, Sept. 11 kind of stepped us up. I was very impressed with that. It showed me that there's really nothing we can't handle."
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"It's the difference between instinct and intuition,"
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"When you have this structure of a stranger in a strange land, it is essential that the place and characters be really authentic."
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"I did everything that my father did in trying to find him because I didn't live with him,"
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"I have a pathological memory problem and when he died I was very angry and worried that somehow I wouldn't remember him,"
Author: Schreiber Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"This movie questions whether the tragedies and disasters that are happening are man-made or do they collectively add up to something wicked this way comes, ... Fear has a tremendous power both socially and politically now. What's more relevant than anxiety of the unknown?"
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"Then I forgot about it when I had to go to work."
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