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Kim Gervasoni Quotes

7 Kim Gervasoni quotes:

"Anything you need her to do, she'll do. Even on the court at practice, in drills. We got permission for that from the medical staff. She can be on the court as long as her heart rate doesn't get up there. She likes getting out there and blocking everyone's shots."
Author: Gervasoni Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Before, we would hope we would win, now we believe we can win. I asked the kids to come out and play to win and fight for 40 minutes and I believe they did that, so I'm proud of them for that."
Author: Gervasoni Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We talked about playing in the past. It made sense with the two sisters playing. It's great for their family too."
Author: Gervasoni Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"I knew she could get a shot off. I knew with her speed, that's her game, getting to the hole, creating and finishing. I knew she was capable of it. We had talked about her looking to score."
Author: Gervasoni Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We've shown character in spots, but this was the first game where we showed resiliency and character throughout the game and a lot of heart."
"She gets along with everybody. She's always dancing, she loves music. That's a side of her that people don't see."
"She's pure energy on the bench and on the court. She just wants the team to be successful. Anyway she can help she does. You hear her constantly off the bench keeping them focused. In the locker room before a game she gets them ready to play. She's a leader."
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