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Kevin Weekes Quotes

10 Kevin Weekes quotes:

"I always identified with how he is — a hard worker, determined, plays hard, practices hard, trains hard. We have a lot in common, and I say that with the utmost respect for him."
"It's kind of reassuring because win or lose they'll always be there for you. It's certainly an honor and a privilege, knowing what the minor league hockey arenas and the streets have meant to me here."
Author: Weekes Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"He's a great man, a Toronto man. We have the utmost respect for him."
Author: Weekes Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"He assumed the responsibility to take care of everybody. To make sure everybody is safe is a big responsibility anywhere. In New York City, that's a big task."
"One thing about coaches and management. They do have freedom of choice."
Author: Weekes Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"It was just nasty. They certainly feasted on us. If they weren't full after Christmas dinner, they filled up on us."
Author: Weekes Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"The guys really tried to pick me up. We have a lot of character guys on this team and they were very vocal. Heck, they were sacrificing their faces to block shots for me tonight."
Author: Weekes Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"Even when he was sick, you still felt a sense of comfort when he was around. It shows you he not only had a physical presence but a reputation, an aura. I had heard he made it a point to be there on Messier night. Even through the pain and suffering, he was still focused on his responsibilities. It shows character and toughness, too."
Author: Weekes Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"It's the city where I was born and raised and played in the minor leagues. It's an honor."
Author: Weekes Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"It was long ago from the sense that each game seems such a distant memory. But the actual feeling is it feels like yesterday. It has flown by."
Author: Weekes Quotes Category: Memory Quotes

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