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"That one had eyes, didn't it?"
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"It gets to the point where the fire starts moving so quickly that they can't get out, so first we have to the people out of the way, and then we'll focus on their property."
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"Whether the children are just relocating to the area or like our newest enrollees who have lost everything, choosing to get involved is important. Research shows involvement is one of the keys to being a successful student."
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"I'm proud of our students and our community. Students have seen a need and they've made a difference and the community steps up every time there's a need."
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"Armstrong continued to pitch real well. We showed a lot of character to come back two times when we were down. Dana hit her spots pretty well tonight and she was throwing with some velocity."
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"We showed some character tonight. (Rogers) could have crumbled. We don't like to do anything real easy."
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"We have seen an average increase of about 6 percent this year over last year. The growth we have seen is driving up the value of property throughout the county. Of course, you have some areas that have seen more increases than others, but just about everyone will see an increase in their taxes paid."
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"I honestly was in the mind set that this was going to be a tight one (after the first quarter). I'm very surprised at the way the game evolved. It was almost surreal the way we find the guy that should have ball in his hands at the right time, and I don't think they ever really got into anything offensively. I'll give our kids credit, they played hard defensively, and I don't think Aurora shot the ball the way they're capable of tonight."
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