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"You assume that their arm strength and ability to throw a football is there. But it's decision-making and mobility. There are a lot of quarterbacks beyond the top three that have arm strength, but it's the ability to make decisions and win games."
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"You've got to look at football. The bottom line is his ability to play football. You're going to go back to look at his football skills, then of course, everything here becomes a plus."
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"I don't have an opinion on (the other candidates). But this is America, and one of the great things about this country is that they can do that and say what they want."
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"No one has an excuse,"
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"If you want to dance, get up."
"It was a good day from a field position standpoint. I think everybody left with a great deal of confidence in Rob, making three good kicks."
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"We anticipated it based on like circumstances over the last few years. Wish we would've been made aware of it sooner. Be that as it may, we're going to deal with it."
"My hope is that Travis Henry will be in the best football shape of his life in four weeks,"
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"He's completely different here now. He was surviving (Monday) on instinct. We'll settle him down and use technique and those things, and he'll be fine."
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"I'm going to look past this one from this standpoint. Right now I think the team that's in that locker room is a much better team than we put on the field in the opener, and that's the most important thing right now."
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"It's important he get quality reps in the preseason,"
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"He took one, then he delivered one on purpose. He assured me had it been anybody other than a DB, he would've gone down."
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"I believe he's doing a nice job as a returner, he's understanding the subtleties of receiving a kickoff, ... He caught everything moving forward, hit the crease and did everything you are supposed to do."
"Totally, totally unnecessary, the kind of thing we showed on the tape from a rules standpoint on player safety, ... Blatant intent to hurt one of our defensive linemen, yet somehow the official on the spot got it wrong and he penalized us."
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"He is building strength and quickness and he is doing a nice job. We are already starting to see some results, some early results from just being here for three weeks, which is good."
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"Arm strength isn't a problem; he had one 65 yards in the air to Reggie Bush. What got him to this point was accuracy and anticipation."
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"What we wanted was to just shut him down. He did a great job getting back last week. We kept him out of change-of-direction things and got some conditioning and shut him down."
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"He's got to kick it between the uprights. He did a great job kicking off ... He's been told. He understands that. If he can do what he does on the practice field in a game, we won't have any problems,"
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"I think both of them will practice tomorrow."
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"I haven't seen a guy like this in years. I've seen impact players but nobody that has the potential to impact a defense like him."
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