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3 Sherri Carlson quotes:

"It's hard for a parent to compete with so many ads making junk food fun and cool. Although I have a strict policy against junk cereals in my house ... this doesn't stop my children from asking me for them, especially after seeing enticing ads."
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"If my youngest sees her favorite TV character on the box, she will push me to buy it, even if she has never had the product before. Whenever I shop with my kids, I end up compromising and finding some 'best of the worst' junk food to keep them happy."
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"But then they turn on Nickelodeon and see all those enticing junk-food ads. Adding insult to injury, we enter the grocery store and see our beloved Nick characters plastered on all those junky snacks and cereals."
Author: Carlson Quotes Category: Food Quotes

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