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"He's done an outstanding job of developing his character - he's maturing. This year his goal was to make the other players on his team better. He did a good job of making them better. He plays with a passion every day. That's something very important for kids to do. As the end of the year came along, it became harder. It's typical for kids at the end of the year to slack off. He intensified more. He's versatile. He had three things: He's an outside shooter, and inside player and a (3.9) student."
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"I'd like him to be an ambassador for the sport and a great role model for the school."
Author: Mauer Quotes Category: School Quotes
"He'll come back with a bigger knowledge and understanding of the big picture. He'll get a feel for how much more complex it's going to be against college players. He'll understand he's a representative of the community. And against international competition he'll meet some of the best in the world in his age bracket."
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