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Todd Lickliter Quotes

6 Todd Lickliter quotes:

"In February, you're hoping you're to that point and not re-learning lessons."
Author: Lickliter Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"There's a lot left to do. We're just looking at it as an opportunity. They manhandled us up there."
"The real character shows through when a guy struggles, sits, he cheers for his team. And when called upon, he delivers."
"I thought Brandon struggled. Real character shows when a guy struggles, sits, cheers for his team, and then gets back out there and delivers."
"I think Avery has done just a tremendous job."
Author: Lickliter Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"I thought we really showed a lot of character and a lot of poise. I thought we were very in tune and played with the kind of poise that I hoped we would."

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